Te Awamutu Primary School - Kia Kaha - Be Strong

Agents of Positive Impact - Room 22

Agents of Positive Impact

       Through selfless, meaningful actions, we   

  demonstrate awareness and empathy, while making   

             positive contributions to others.


API Rationale


We use API (Agents of Positive Impact) so that students can actively contribute to and resolve social and environmental problems, both locally and globally.  We want our students to deepen their understanding of why these problems exist but also to realise that everyone can play a part in shaping a better world. We expect our students to be compassionate and responsible. API will allow our students to put these values into action while also offering them an experiential learning opportunity that is rewarding in terms of personal growth.


API Purpose

Regular student contributions will cultivate an ongoing commitment in students to meaningful action in their community and beyond. The value of the API programme to the organisations and people our students interact with will be measured in many ways, but the greatest impact is on our students as they put their ideals and values into action and grow as compassionate people and active agents of change.

Important Notices