Te Awamutu Primary School - Kia Kaha - Be Strong

Maths Competition

Team Tauihi, thanks for all of your entries for yesterday's competition.  Unfortunately nobody got the correct answer so here is a new problem for you to solve.  

Georgia has $5. She buys a nut bar for $1.10.
How much change does she get?

Aria has $10. She gets $4.60 change after buying a packet of rice biscuits.
How much do the biscuits cost?

Oliver pays for $1.10 for two apples. He gets 90 cents change.
How much money did he give to the person at the checkout?

Bring your 3 answers on a piece of paper to Room 12 by the end of the day with your name and class number.  

Team Taiohi, today it is your turn.  See if you can solve the problems and bring the answers to Room 12 by the end of the day.  Don't forget to write your name and class number on the piece of paper as well.  Good luck!

Oh no, gremlins have been in and covered up some numbers on the chart.

Can you put the equations back together?

Important Notices