Te Awamutu Primary School - Kia Kaha - Be Strong

Talent Quest

Thank you to those that auditioned yesterday, very proud of all your efforts.

Next week audition will be Monday and Tuesday. Please see me if your name is missing or not added to a list.

Monday in Room 14                                          

105 Daniel (room 16)  Singing -Rescue Me

1.10 Alexis/ Saffron (Room 13 ) Dance Monkey

1.15 Peyton (Acting)

1.20 Ava- Dancing My little Pony 

1.25 Emma Azra Dancing- Other friends

1.30 Jemma(Room 13)- Rainbow Rocks

1.35 Taurus- Singing When the Party's Over

1.40 Courtney Jessica - My Little Pony

1.45 Amber- Singing Old Time Road

1.50 Ariana- Singing solo

and Kaddie Rose- Singing

Tuesday in Room 13

1.05  Dayo- Singing solo- Shallow

1.10 Dayo-Bianca- Dance troupe

1.15 Matilda- puppet

1.20 Alyssa and Dayo- Dancing

1.25 Eva and Kate- Jokes

1.30 Ronan (Room 13) Keyboard

1.35 Dorian- Drumming- Bringing own kit

1.40 Harlequin- Drumming

Remember see Mrs Westgate if your name is missing, or you think you would be interested.

Important Notices