Te Awamutu Primary School - Kia Kaha - Be Strong

Talent Quest

Morning, following is the order of the talent quest today. Best of luck to these performers. Please can they be allowed to get ready prior to performing- please send to Room 13

1. Ariana Ripia= solo singing-(needs microphone)- Play on you tube

2. Ruby Pryor = Ballet dance (start music when on stage in position)

3. Matilda James = Puppet will need microphone and seat?

4. Lola Fitzpatrick, Lucy McKay and Leah Quinn = dance, start music when on stage)- Bringing own music will need chord.

5. Taurus Gage = singing solo- (needs microphone)- Play on you tube

6. Eva Pivvott and Kate Anderson = Telling jokes- (need microphones)

7. Dorian Samuel = Drums

8. Ryan  Tonks= Drums

Thanks Mrs Westgate.

Important Notices