Te Awamutu Primary School - Kia Kaha - Be Strong

Road Patrol Training

Our road patrol training will happen at 9:30am this morning. Teachers can you please send the following students to the front school gate at 9:25am:

From room 11:

Camryn Davies

Gemma Bowler

Leighton Jacob

Nthandi Gama

Rumi Rutherford

Ryden Quinn

From room 12:

Carter Keith

Corey Powell

Kenzie Pivott

Lily-Anne Rose

From room 14:

Anja Oram

Aroha Thompson

Braydon Brown

Harlow Little

Zoe Tolovae

From room 16:

Archie Case-Bateson

Kayelyn Collett

Sofia Wildermoth

Jackson Kelly

From room 19:

Elias Herrick

Jezreel Alota

From room 20:

Peyton Norman

From room 22:

Lola Fitzpatrick

Lucy McKay

Because we had so many awesome volunteers, we've had to cut the list down a bit. IF your name isn't on the list, you may still be given the chance to train and join the team next year.

Important Notices