Te Awamutu Primary School - Kia Kaha - Be Strong

Welcome to Topa ~ Team 4!

Room 20         Miss Sara Sabin (Team Leader) 

Room 21         Ms. Brenda Thomas

Room 22         Miss Tyana Fenney

Room 17        Mrs Kelsey Oliver

Room 18         Miss Morgan Pound

Room 19         Miss Rebecca Wilcox

Welcome to Topa ~ Team 4; where we will share our learning journey with you.

To help build a strong pathway across our Teams at TAPS we are using the following names throughout TAPS. They all have a significant link to Manaaki’s growth and development.


Team 1 - Timatanga - The beginning of the learning journey for our pipi paopao.

Team 2 - Taiohi - Young minds growing, developing their flight feathers and learning to fly.

Team 3 - Tauihi - First flight of young Karearea, gliding and developing flight confidence.

Team 4 - Topa - Soaring for Excellence.

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