Te Awamutu Primary School - Kia Kaha - Be Strong

Educational Links

Have a look at some of these fantastic websites to help you learn.

  • Seussville
    Check out the home of Dr Seuss.
  • Starfall - Learn to read and write
    Check out this cool site to help you with your reading and writing.
  • Matho
    This is a New Zealand site. Play these exciting mathematic games to improve your basic fact recall.
  • TKI Literacy Links
    Check out the spelling and word games, crosswords, quizzes, and other interactive activities
  • Cool Math 4 Kids
    Some fun maths games for kids.
  • BBC Bitesize Games
    Maths and Literacy Activities from the BBC
  • Math is Fun
    At home maths practice. Great for mum and dad when they don't understand what 'skip counting' or 'tidy tens' are.
  • Fraction Balls
    A Great game identifying fraction numbers with fraction objects.
  • Bowling for Fractions
    A visual and interactive fraction activity. Students click to build a visual fraction, then enter the correct name of the fraction.
  • Starfall
    Reading, Writing, Learning!!!!

Important Notices