Te Awamutu Primary School - Kia Kaha - Be Strong

 Manaaki Te Karearea

We are delighted to welcome ‘Manaaki’ to TAPS. Manaaki is the TAPS Guardian. Supporting us on our mission of: ‘Together Achieve Personal Success’. Manaaki is a passionate and strong learner that shows

high levels of respect, generosity, support, and care for others.

Manaaki is a Karearea (NZ Falcon) and has been sighted at Kakepuku Mountain on numerous occasions when not soaring above TAPS.

Karearea are a powerful native New Zealand bird that are known to be one of our

more spectacular birds.  The power and strength that Karearea demonstrate has a

direct links to our school motto of ‘Kia Kaha’.

Manaaki will be a visible and very important component across all learning

programmes this year. 


To help build a strong pathway across our Teams at TAPS we are using the following names throughout TAPS. They all have a significant link to Manaaki’s growth and development.


Team 1 - Timatanga - The beginning of the learning journey for our pipi paopao.

Team 2 - Taiohi - Young minds growing, developing their flight feathers and learning to fly.

Team 3 - Tauihi - First flight of young Karearea, gliding and developing flight confidence.

Team 4 - Topa - Soaring for Excellence.

Important Notices