Te Awamutu Primary School - Kia Kaha - Be Strong

During the year there are a number of opportunities for teachers to report to parents about their children's progress.

Early in the first term there is an opportunity for parents and teachers to meet and share information and set goals.  Parents will be invited to the school to discuss their child's progress in terms one and three in the form of a "Student Led Conference".

At the end of each term the Learning Journey Books will be sent home for a weekend so that parents and friends can share in the learning success of each student.  At the end of the year students are gifted their Learning Journey Books to keep as a treasure.  

Parents are reminded that they are free to arrange an interview with their child's teacher at any time at all during the year.  If you wish to discuss your child's progress please telephone to arrange an appointment with the class teacher concerned so that sufficient time is available to deal with your concerns.

If you have concerns it is better to discuss them sooner rather than later.

Please read more about reporting as per the Ministry of Education's Guidelines below.

National Standards


Parents, families and whānau have an important part to play in supporting children’s learning at school. To do this you need support from schools, including clear, regular information about your child’s progress and achievement in reading, writing and mathematics and what you can do to help.

National Standards written reports should include:

  • your child’s goals and how they are progressing towards the goals
  • your child’s progress and achievement in relation to reading, writing and mathematics reported as: above the standard, at the standard, below the standard or well below the standard
  • the results of assessment
  • ways you can support your child’s learning
  • what the teacher and school will do to support your child’s learning.

You can talk to the teacher, make suggestions and ask questions about the information in your child’s written reports at parent-teacher meetings and during informal discussions at any time during the year.

How reporting will help you:

National Standards reports on your child’s progress and achievement in reading, writing and mathematics will help you to:

  • be more aware of how your child is doing at school and what’s being done to help them learn
  • identify any learning difficulties early and how these will be addressed
  • follow your child’s learning progress over time
  • understand what you can do to support your child’s learning
  • be informed and know what questions to ask when discussing your child’s education with teachers and the school.

Important Notices