If you find any or these learning sites too easy or too hard, please feel free to move up or down a school year to find one that best suits your child.  Year 1-2 Years can be found on Timatanga (1) & Taiohi (2) and Year 5-6 Topa Team 4  Learning Caves.

Ready To Read
The Ready To Read series supports early literacy learning for children in years 1-3 working a the curriculum levels 1 and 2.

By clicking on the link it will provide you with information how to help your child and copies of the books (e-books) your child would be using at school.

Junior Journal
Junior Journal is an instructional reading series for students who are working at early level 2 (Generally Yr 3 and early Yr 4) in the New Zealand Curriculum.

It provides a number of informative articles, plays, stories and poems for students to read.

These cover a number of curriculum learning areas in English, Science, SOcial Sciences and The Arts.
 Many of these texts can be downloaded as PDFs, audio and Teaching Support Materials.

School Journal - Level 2
The School Journal Level 2 supports students in Year 4 to develop the knowledge and skills required to meet the reading demands of all the curriculum areas.

Recent school journals are available in digital and audio format alongside Teaching Support Materials.

Epic has over 40,000+ popular, high-quality books from 250+ of the world's best publishers.  All these books can be  read online.  

You can create your own home account or your child's class teacher should have given your child a class code to access Epic.  If you have any problems please contact your child's teacher.

Maths / Numeracy

Each of these plans have five sessions.  One session per weekday.  Each session has activities using resources found on nzmaths (you just need to click on the link) that should take about 45 minutes.  Feel free to pick and choose ideas from these plans to find activities for your child.

Click on the button to view each week plan.  If you find any of these plans too easy or too hard, please feel free to move up or down a school year to find one that best suits your child.  Year 1-2 Years can be found on Timatanga (1) & Taiohi (2) and Year 5-6 Topa Team 4  Learning Caves.

Year 3

Place Value & Measurement 
Number Facts & Patterns
Number Knowledge & Probability

 Year 4

Number Knowledge & Geometry
Place Value & Measurement
Number Knowledge & Patterns
Number Knowledge & Probability

General & Cross-Curricula

Home Learning TV (Ministry of Education)
Featuring educational lessons and entertaining content suitable for tamariki/children.  This channel has offered learning support for families based at home since August 2021.

Home Learning TV will take over TVNZ's DUKE daytime schedule from 9am-1pm.  At 1pm DUKE's regular programming will resume.

DUKE is available on:
Freeview channel 13
Sky channel 23

Over 400 lessons and pieces of content is available for catch up viewing by clicking this link

Nanagirl - Science & STEM Site

Nanagirl's lab is filled with activities to help your child build inventions using only items you have around the home. Click here to go to Nanogirl's Lab

Nanagirl also offers videos of experiments she does in her lab. From explosive science to awesome engineering, watch some of Nanogirl's favourite experiments here.

Why do stars twinkle? Is all bacteria bad? How high can birds fly? Join Nanogirl and Clair for an exciting science filled podcast to find out the answers to these questions and more! Just click here.
Nanogirl's Great Science Adventures Podcast was awarded the NZ Radio Awards Best Children's Programme award for 2021.  

Nanogirl and the Imaginauts. You can watch Nanogirl's brilliant kids game show, where imagination meets science. It's fun, it's messy, and it might just blow your mind. Just click here to watch this gread kids game show.

Learn How To Draw
Here is a link to learn how to draw - 3D Perspective Drawing for kids.  
6 online lessons - Just click here.

Music at Home
Here are 5 musical ideas to try with your children at home. Just click here.

Kapa Haka For Kids
Online daily Kapa Haka lessons by Matua Whaitiri

Session 1 Link here
Session 2 Link here
Session 3 Link here
Session 4 Link here - Poi
Session 5 Link here
Session 6 Link here
Session 7 Link here
Session 8 Link here  - Rakau Poto (Short Sticks)
Session 9 Link here -Rakau Poto (Short Sticks)
Session 10 Link here
Session 11 Link here
Session 12 Link here
Session 13 Link here
Session 14 Link here
Session 15 Link here
Session 16 Link here
Session 17 Link here - ANZAC week
Session 18 Link here - ANZAC week
Session 19 Link here  - ANZAC week
Session 20 Link here  - ANZAC week
Session 21 Link here  - ANZAC week
Session 22 Link here
Session 23 Link here
Session 24 Link here
Session 25 Link here
Session 26 Link here - Covid-19 Haka
Session 27 Link here
Session 28 Link here
Session 29 Link here
Session 30 Link - Video missing
Session 31 Link here - Weekly Wrap Up

At Home Learning with Waikato Enviroschools

Explore pēpehā in a hands-on interactive way. The activity encourages students to consider the mana atua in the area they live through localised curriculum learning.  

Here is the link to the PDF to the images shown Pepeha-MappingmyPlace (1).pdf

Home Learning Waikato Enviroschools
Health & Wellbeing:  Nature Balance

Link to the Yoga Outside video here